Why is Shakeology Expensive?

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You may be thinking Why Is Shakeology Expensive?

The short reason is because it doesn’t have what other supplements have and the care that is taken to make sure it comes from the right places, has in it what it says is in it, is above and beyond most other supplement practices.

We had the honour of having Darin Olien (Co-creator of Shakeology and author of Superlife) on our team call to tell us more about Shakeology and answer our questions.

Here he will tell you about Why Shakeology is Expensive and why cost shouldn’t be something that holds you back when it comes to your health.

Why is Shakeology Expensive?

Here is the transcript from the video:

If you were selling Shakeology and someone’s objection was cost, what would be your rebuttal?

You’re asking someone who has never skimped on his food.

As a kid I ate weird. Yeah I ate regular food.

As I became aware in my 20’s in college and really when I started paying for my own food, there was something about even if I wasn’t good but I didn’t know it was not good.

I would never skimp on food.

Why would I put anything that is not optimal in this amazing body? That’s my fundamental point of view.

And people just hang out in a parking lot of a regular grocery store and that isn’t everyone’s point of view. And it’s sad to me because they are sitting at the opportunity of changing their entire life.

If you are used to looking through foggy glasses than that’s your view.

If your use to feeling a certain way and eating a certain way you only can do what you can do with the fuel  you’ve given yourself.

A – I never skimp on my nutrition. That’s kind of my theos coming forward. If anyone argues with me about that it’s too expensive, it just doesn’t resonate with me as to the worth of not paying for the nutrition that your body deserves just by being here. Just by being on this planet.

“You pay the farmer or you’re going to pay the doctor.”

You are paying for the nutrition or your eventually going to pay the doctor.

So how do you want to invest in yourself?

Shakeology in particular, we have spent, I personally have spent years and hundreds of thousand miles under my ass cruising around the planet finding, scouring, discovering, rediscovering, people, places, things and superfoods that can matter.

That’s why I wouldn’t be here if there wasn’t a company supporting what I believed in. and wasn’t following the steps that match that. So I have been behind the scenes essentially very deep in the supply chain working with farmers working with people in countries of origin virtually understanding and seeing and discovering who and where most superfoods that are sold in the USA are coming from.

I virtually can look at almost any company, I have had many superfood companies want to have me be part of their company just because of the resources and connections that I have. I have seen behind the veil. I can honestly tell you that most people do not even come close to the ability, the quality assurance protocols, the time, the resources, their own eyeballs, their own teams going in to those places of origin working directly with those people in order for that material that superfood to be and validated to be exactly what it’s supposed to be.

That is a whole level of you expect that to be there but there is no watch dog for that, there is none. It’s wild west all those supplement companies, many of them are putting next to nothing if at all the ingredient that they say is there or it’s cut with something or not the potency that it should be or not the quality, or it may have pesticides or herbicides or heavy metals that they aren’t testing for they don’t know or don’t have the resources or the time to do it. Or they don’t send the people in the countries of origin to find out.

There is so much that we are doing at Beachbody to assure you are getting exactly what is in that bag that you are supposed to be getting. And all I can tell you is that is true, that is the reality. Unfortunately it’s not as sexy because people can put a nice label on their supplement, they can call almost any manufacturer and say “hey I want a protein blend and a good smoothie.” Someone could call a manufacturer and say “I want something like Shakeology, make me something.” They don’t know where it’s coming from it’s just coming from the brokers that the manufacturer uses. The don’t know where the material is from they do it naively, they expect it’s supposed to be there. Unfortunately it’s not.

There is a lot to say there. Hopefully you can gather some of those nuggets. It’s something I really want to talk more about. I think it’s a big part of sharing the difference of Beachbody.


WOW learned a lot there. It is true that you never know what most supplement companies are actually putting in their supplements.

When you find a company and people you can trust it takes the worry of not knowing what you are putting in your complex machine (body).

Go here for more info about Shakeology: http://darrenletourneau.com/supplements/shakeology/what-is-shakeology/

Darren Letourneau

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