Why does Canada Shakeology say to consult a doctor is using more more than 3 months?

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Darin Olien (co-creator of Shakeology and author of Superlife) answers the question about why:

The Canada label says that we should consult a doctor before Drinking Shakeology for more than 3 months. Why is this?

This is a very simple answer.

This has nothing to do with Shakeology.

This has to do with the Canadian regulatory system of their dietary supplements.

So it’s like the Canadian’s FDA.

So if the Canadian FDA says “I don’t care who you are, if you’re a supplement you have to put this on the package”

That’s it, plain and simple answer.

It’s not specific to Shakeology.

It’s a great question.

This is going to happen more as we expand into other countries.

They will have their own regulations

Some of which are good and others weird and challenging.

Accept some superfoods and not others.

It’s a good thing that we got into Canada for sure.


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