What is the Science Behind Shakeology?

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A lot of people buy shakes on the market without doing any research into what is contained in them. Here is a podcast with the creator of Shakeology Darin Olien. Darin answers questions about how Shakeology helps to reduce cravings, increase energy, improve digestion and what superfoods and vitamins are found in Shakeology.

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How does Shakeology work to reduce cravings, increase energy and improve digestion?

Darin Olien: Well I tell you, it’s quite simple. If you are eating processed foods all the time and they have less and less nutrients in them, so you are eating all this kind of volume food you may be getting the sense of being full. But you are not getting cellularly satisfied then your body is going to keep sending out that craving signal. I could eat a whole bag of Doritos and really in a half hour eat a whole bag of Oreo cookies. It’s not getting you the nutrients you need. And that’s what it all comes down to.

Sandy: Is that what you mean by the body recognizing this food type? And responding correctly.

Darin Olien: Absolutely! Often times, I’ve mentioned this a few other times in different ways. It’s nutrient stress. So we are making pizzas and burgers and pastas that didn’t come off of the tree or out of the ground. The body has to deal with that. Thats why we are going back to the tradition and going back to these foods that have been consumed for a very long time. We are leaving them alone the best that we can, dehydrating them, getting away from the body can receive them in this beautiful bag. It has all the cofactors that the body needs and that naturally starts shutting off that signal and you don’t feel like you need to start shoveling all this food.

Sandy: That’s good to know.

So how do the Cumulative Benefits of Shakeology work?

Darin Olien: Good question, disease is created over time, but also health is created and supported over time. That’s why when we say “take your daily dose of dense nutrition”. It’s not just a sexy phrase. This is literally at the core of what creates health. If you are constantly taking in this nutrient dense food, the cellular recognizable food, then you are creating the building blocks for your body to have what it needs in order to combat and support your body to have a strong sense of repair and immune system and all these things.

Sandy: So it’s a compound effect and you need to have it every day.

Darin Olien: Absolutely!

Sandy: So let’s talk about why our bodies need super nutrients.

What Superfoods and Vitamins are in Shakeology?

Darin Olien: these are fun because these are inherent within the foods themselves. We have scoured the world to find these superfoods and like gogi berry, camu camu, rose hips, inherently they have high amounts of vitamin C, E and A, and also antioxidants in them. This definitely helps support the immune system, it helps to combat free radicals with antioxidants in those. So we try to get many of those superfoods in as possible so they can do their things.

What phytonutrients do we have and what do they do?

Darin Olien: They are like micro nutrients. If we look at macronutrients it’s carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Micronutrients are antioxidants, carotenoids, phytonutrients the antioxidants that help support the body and chlorophyll. They have tonnes of them in things like moringa; there are tonnes of them in spirulina. So phytonutrients are essentially the food that fuel s the cell.

What do adaptogens do?

Darin Olien: you know the word adapt, we adapt to life, we do the best we can. The plants do as well. We have things like schisandra, maitake, cordyceps, these are some of the greatest herbs. So a lot of the adaptogen herbs are in severe illogical strained areas. Maca is at fifteen thousand feet. The strain that it takes for that plant to grow, develops compounds in that plant that adapt it and strengthened it to survive in that area. The interesting thing about adaptogens is that when we consume them it actually helps our body. So it can help support lowering stress, support modulating and supporting the immune system. It can do all of these things to help strengthen our body. Lower stressors in the body.

The cool thing about adaptogens is that they have been used traditionally for thousands of years. A lot of that knowledge points us towards the ability that these herbs have to help combat stress that we have in our daily lives. So we are following tradition by using them in a way that they have been used for thousands of years.

What is the Importance of Prebiotics and Probiotics in Shakeology?

Darin Olien: The easy way to explain that is, we talked about microbes, we talked about prebiotics. What does all that mean? You have a whole ecosystem going on inside. Certainly your digestive system. You have micro, the good bacteria, you have ten times the amount of micro then you have human cells. So that’s a lot of microbes that work synergistically with us. So a lot of the microbes can get easily swayed and adapt to basically what you’re eating. By understanding that, we wanted to provide a prebiotics which is essentially a food for the good bacteria that will help digest and absorb food. All of these things help the immune system, help brain health, serotonin, and all of these things when you have a healthy digestive system can support. So essentially we are sending in these green berets , the microbes to help our body kind of shift back to that healthy balance of microbes. These things are incredible so with the prebiotics we use things that have been used traditionally for very long time. The icons use to use that and it’s yacon root.

And when we found these probiotics were actually stable within the formula. The biggest key to this whole thing is they are proven to actually pass the digestion and get to where they need to and seed the small intestine and things like that. So that is a very important distinction. Not a lot of probiotics on the market you would be able to use in this way and we are very proud of that.

How do Digestive Enzymes work in Shakeology?

Darin Olien: When your body is off, and your kidneys, liver and digestion you can actually compromised in developing the digestive enzymes that are important to actually break down food. It was one of the things when starting to formulate the Shakeology I realize, like where are compromising and where do we need the support. So by adding in things like cellulates and lactates and invertates, all of these things are different enzymes that help digestive certain parts of the food that you take in. That was just another bonus that we added into Shakeology to give people that nice foundation so they could actually assimilate the food and build the foundation of that very important enzymatic activity.

Sandy: In wrapping up. Our body’s really need all of these things to run effectively every single day. Is there any last things you want to say about supernutrients and their importance in Shakeology?

Darin Olien: Well we are in this day and age Sandy, we are getting hit with stress and we have invisible stressors, electromagnetic stressors, we have stress in the water that we’ve never had before. We have chemicals in the atmosphere. All of that stuff creates cortisol, all of that creates stress on the body. So our bodies actually require more of this nutrient density than ever. So the ability to put all of this together, this whole array of antioxidants, phytonutrients, minerals and vitamins, we need it, we need it this day and age. We need all the help we can get. I just want to say that this is what really what separates us from anyone else.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration, This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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It’s amazing what they can combine into one Superfood drink. I don’t believe there is anything out there that is like this and even if I tried to create something comparable it would cost me much more and use up a lot of my time just to be able to come up with something else I could consume to get all of these benefits.

What is also awesome is that it has a 30 day bottom of the bag guarantee. You could finish the full bag and still get a refund if it just wasn’t for you.


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