Shakeology vs. Protein Shake

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I was just listening to the Shakeology podcast and learned so much about how Shakeology is different than a typical protein shake.

Many people think that protein shakes are helping them out when they may actually be hurting their results. Here is a transcript the podcast.

[– podcast begins –]

How is Shakeology Different than a Protein Shake?

Darin Olien and Sandy from Beachbody talk about how Shakeology is different than a protein shake.

How is Shakeology more than just a protein Shake?

Darin Olien: That’s kind of a funny question. Just the question alone… protein shake. Somehow protein has become this, how much protein are you getting? It’s a badge of courage in the health world which is kind of astonishing because..

A – Protein is in everything. With Shakeology, yes we have protein in there, great sources. We have whey protein isolate in our original formulas which is great because it has less fat and high amounts of very clean protein, and you have a wide variety of other types of protein in that formula as well as the vegans. As well as pea, oat, rice, chia, flax and sasha inchi. All of these things.

When we are talking about one macronutrient, all of a sudden someone decides that it’s important, doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s that important.

People are looking for a protein shake. Protein shake is just a protein shake. Most of them have artificial colours, artificial flavours because protein by itself tastes terrible. The other side of it, if you have different superfoods from around the world and each one of them have hundreds if not thousands of compounds and cofactors in each of them. That’s digestive enzimes, prebiotics, probiotics, antioxidants, carotenoids, phytonutrients, vitamins and minerals, all of these things are inherent in all of the other ingredients.

So what does that mean? Health can never be achieved by macronutrients alone. So if you isolated carbs and just ate carbs, Isolated protein and just ate protein, if you isolated fat just as fat and ate that you would be very unhealthy.

You need the phytonutrients, you need the cellular. It’s really a massive different between a protein shake which is one macronutrient with a bunch or artificial flavours, colours and sweeteners in it vs Shakeology that doesn’t have any of that in it and has all of these nutrient dense foods from around the world.

So right there alone you are providing the building blocks for the kind of nutrition that can help you support your immune system, support your health, support your recovery all these kinds of things. So that’s the difference.

Sandy: A protein shake is pretty one dimensional and Shakeology is multi-dimensional.

So can you say what Shakeology is in one sentence?

Darin Olien: No, but I’ll try! The protein shake is one macronutrient with artificial colours and sweeteners, and then you have Shakeology which is yes you are hitting all the macronutrients. But you are also getting an infinite amount of micronutrients. That are providing the basis for health. It’s incredible.

How is Shakeology different in terms of ingredients and quality?

We invest time money and people and resources to make sure what’s in the bag is supposed to be there. And first thing we hire people in this area of quality standards. We hire the best. We are kind of known for really having that stand. This industry is kind of like the … Many companies do not reinvest and continue to push the envelope of quality. They don’t send their own teams. Most of these facilities are out of this country. So if you are not going there, there is a lot of things that can go wrong. There is a lot of untested, unregulated, less than adequate ingredients in there. But we send our team, our people, and when our team goes there, they are there to make sure all things are clean, the lines are the most efficient as possible and so we follow those high standards.

Sandy: Let me ask you a question.

When you audit the facility do you also test bags?

Darin Olien: Absolutely! So that’s the other layer. We are testing the material in that country as they receive it, we test it through their process after they’ve audited and passed our testing. And then that material will be sent to the US where it will be tested again, and then when it passes all of that, that could be microbiological, that could be heavy metals, that could be active compounds even. And the thing that’s supposed to be there. And once it’s sent to the co-packer. The person who is going to do the final blending for us, we test it all again.

Not to mention our whole quality assurance teams and our research and development team they are testing shelf life. And the formula stability within the formula of every ingredient to make sure that they all blend well in that final formula. All of these things are standards that are way beyond what other people are doing. Its integrity is inherent within every person at Beachbody.

Sandy: I know that Carl always mentions no compromising.

Darin Olien: Absolutely! And that’s how we started the formulations of Shakeology. And why is the industry kind of all over the place? I have no idea. It’s dangerous to not test this stuff, it’s really dangerous and it’s irresponsible. It’s one thing to find an exotic ingredient but to have a whole team to verify and to deem it as save, that’s a whole other level. And I’m just ecstatic over that level of commitment that we have.

Sandy: And the team has also developed some strong partnerships in the other countries and that contributes to that high standard as well.

Darin Olien: Yeah exactly. So every ingredient is its own story. It’s its own story of how it’s grown, where it’s been, grown, what conditions, how to actually preserve it, how to stay away from the things that you don’t want in it. Every ingredient has a special person or manufacturer in that country that we have become very close with. It’s not about you’re doing this thing and we are doing this. No we have to come together. We are transparent with them with what we are doing, they are transparent with us. And we demand that. There has been more people that have failed our audits than have been accepted by us.

How often would you say that we audit these suppliers? Is it an ongoing practice?

Darin Olien: It’s an ongoing thing. It’s not just about finding out what’s wrong with them, that’s a part of it, but it’s also about helping them improve their process, bringing in our resources, to then better support them doing the thing that they want to do anyways. The hand that we reach out towards some of our partners is extraordinary and something I’m super, super proud of.

Sandy: So you have been named the ingredient hunter by most of our team here.

So why is it that sometimes ingredients are removed out of Shakeology?

Darin Olien: Because of the success of Shakeology we may grow out of a supply. That is one way. The other way is that the partnership can’t meet our requirement and we have to move on.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration, This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

[– end of podcast –]

And there is the reason that I haven’t had the typical protein shake or protein bar in years.

Find out more about how to get Shakeology here: http://darrenletourneau.com/shakeology/

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