Shakeology Discount – How to get Shakeology at the Cheapest Price

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shakeologySo you came here looking for a Shakeology discount or Shakeology coupon. Well you’re in luck. There are several ways you can get a deal on Shakeology. You can actually save up to 25% on your order and I’ll show you some of the options you have to get it.

Shakeology Discount as a Beachbody Coach

Beachbody Coaches get a discount on their Shakeology orders but you don’t actually have to be coaching anyone to get the discount. There are over 150,000 Beachbody coaches out there but I would say that maybe about 25,000 or less (just a guess from my observations) are actually coaching people. Most people just sign up for the discount. So you are looking at about 83% discount coaches. It’s not something that is uncommon just a lot of people saving some money on Shakeology and fitness programs.

Here you can compare the prices and savings.


  • Everyone’s shipping and tax rate will be different so for these examples I am using standard shipping of $10 and a tax rate of 10%. Yours may be different.
  • Beachbody coach fee is $16 per month.
  • When you get it on home direct you save on the shipping with Beachbody’s $2 super saver shipping.


As you’ll notice in the above table you can save $28.54 per month for being a coach and having your Shakeology on Home Direct. That’s a pretty big savings.

One catch.. It costs $39.95 to sign up as a coach… unless you start off with a Challenge Pack (Shakeology with a workout program)

You can get a challenge pack for as low as $140. So your total for the first time would be $156.20 (estimated) and the following months you would save the $28.

NOTE: All that these tax and shipping charges are based on your location. The $2 super saver shipping if for everyone though.

Shakeology on Amazon or EBay

Some people may find a better deal on one of these sites. The truth is that you don’t get the 30 day bottom of the bag guarantee if you don’t get it from Beachbody through a coach. These sites will not refund your money if you don’t like it or feel it hasn’t benefited you. In addition to this you don’t really know who you are getting it from Would you order your groceries from some random person on Amazon or EBay? Probably not. So why take a chance that someone could sell you something that has been tampered with?

Shakeology Discount Verdict

So the final verdict is that if you are planning on living a healthy life for the rest of your life and want to save on your Shakeology (maybe even make some money from your friends buying it too) the best option is to get started with a challenge pack. They start at $140 and range up to $205. You end up saving on the price of the workout with the package as well.

Special Deal

With the challenge pack deal you get:

  1. Accountabilityand support from out challenge group.
  2. Your workout with 30 Days of Shakeology.
  3. Bonus workout.
  4. Me as your FREE Beachbody Coach.


  1. Sign up for your FREE beachbody account here:  BECOME A COACH  If you want ME to be your personal coach and get these extra bonuses, make sure to double check the green box when you go to order. It should say “Darren Letourneau is your referring coach”. If you already have a coach see below.
  2. Friend me on Facebook –> Darren Letourneau  so I can add you to our exclusive fitness group.
  3. Order as a customer your challenge pack here –>  Challenge pack
    as sign up as a Coach with challenge pack here. (Fill in your info and it will take you to a screen to choose a challenge pack option).

NOTE: If you already have a Beachbody account please contact me before ordering so you can get the bonuses.

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