Is Shakeology Organic or Gluten Free?

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Co-creator of Shakeology Darin Olien was on our team call and answered questions about Shakeology related to Gluten Free, Celiac Disease and Organic.

Is it or is it not Gluten free?

Gluten free is something that we were looking into. Obviously the level of ingredients that we have in here is very very challenging difficult thing to observe at every level of that so it’s not that we’re not following those safety’s or insurances or everything it’s following them from an organizational standpoint of someone else’s organization.

Technically speaking we don’t have any gluten in our product. So that’s true however legally speaking we don’t want to put anyone in a situation that’s comprising them that we have oat protein and technically oats don’t have gluten but it can get contaminated with other grains or what not just from the same manufacturing in the same vicinity. So legally even if a grain is in the same 20,000 square feet of another substance they are manufacturing legally you have to say it’s being manufacturing in a place that has gluten or you can’t say that it’s gluten free.

Is Shakeology Safe for those with Celiac Disease?

Also to that we have had several people with celiac disease thanking us because it’s the one thing that they can take. But celiac disease is a very interesting one because once the gluten has kind of disrupted the digestive lining it then allows for food and bacteria to penetrate into the blood stream. That’s a challenging thing. Once you have “celiac disease” you now are susceptible to other digestive disorders. So you are very sensitive to a lot of things.

Long story short, you have to use your own awareness and it can work for some and it may not work for others. So if you are willing to try and take it very very slow don’t drink a bunch of it. Just see how you feel. Use your instrument, use your intuition, your instrument being your body and get feedback from your doctor. That’s what I would say about that.

I had several people that had great results.

Is it Certified Organic?

From my perspective I’ve spent a lot of time with indigenous farmers in a lot of countries around this world and often when you put on restrictions even know they could be good from one perspective it’s often falls on the farmer.

Let me describe that in another way. If a farmer is growing Sasha inchi. They are practicing everything that an organic farmer practices, they have no pesticides, no herbicides, no GMO’s its virgin soil. They have been doing it for centuries; nothing has changed other than the development of the plant. That works really well. Now when you say “hey could you certify organic this for us” that expense, that extra labour, that extra time goes on the farmer. And often in those areas in the amazon and high parts of Peru and other places around the world, that expense is extremely high and extremely difficult so it doesn’t change in some cases, not all cases, some cases it’s very good to get certified organic. From a superfood ingredient, so I’m not saying it’s bad at all, in some cases drives up the price it doesn’t change the quality though.

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