Is it safe to have multiple servings of Shakeology per day?

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Darin Olien (co-creator of Shakeology and author of Superlife) was on our team called and we asked him:

Is it safe to have multiple servings of Shakeology a day?


If you are always replacing a meal and replacing multiple meals, 3 meals doing that over months and months and months it’s not a good idea.

Make sure that Shakeology is balanced with your normal life.

But absolutely I drink it sometimes 3 times a day when traveling because I haven’t been able to eat any food or I’ll double up on dosage.

I wake up at 3-4 in the morning and have a dose and have another one after my workout.

That’s a typical day for me so I’m always having multiple servings of Shakeology.

It’s just a normal way being.

It’s safe unless you have specific things and you react to and that’s a specific issue to you.

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Darren Letourneau


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