Constipation or Diarrhea from Shakeology?

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Questions about customers who start on Shakeology and experience constipation or the opposite side effect. Can you explain why this is, how long it typically lasts and how we should communicate that to them!

What is the reason for Constipation or Diarrhea from Shakeology?

There is so many factors that this can happen from because it all really comes down to where someone is starting.

  • Have they been hydrated?
  • Have they been drinking water?
  • Have they had bad habits?
  • Have they been eating a lot of processed foods?
  • Have they been skipping meals?
  • Are they stressed?
  • Have they had medications of any kind?
  • Have they not been sleeping?
  • Have they had antibiotics at any point in their life?

All of this can contribute to digestive issues that are not correct.

The body is amazing because it will do everything it can to keep you moving forward to the best of its ability.

Sometimes we get used to the annoyances, and we just think “well that’s who I am.”

How this can happen with constipation is that when those foods enter you, you drink something like Shakeology that has prebiotics which is essentially food for your probiotics so we give food for the probiotics that we are putting in Shakeology. We are giving you enzymes, hundreds and hundreds of strong plant phytochemicals that are going to support everything from healing your digestion to increasing energy to weight loss to cholesterol.

All these things. Everything is active in it. If you are in a state where you are not idea and then you start drinking something like Shakeology. It can take your body to kind of reseed itself. Seed the right bacteria, create the right environment for things to work in the regulatory function.

Every system in the body is designed in a regulator function. Often you don’t’ even know if it’s not in the first stages of any problem with your body, because your body is so amazing just keeping your eyes open. If your eyes are feeling a little lethargic and just go for the coffee and you get stimulated and you don’t even realize that your body is off.

So back to the question without going off to much on that.

This can happen through the rebalancing the changing of your environment that you were in to what you are possibly initiating with Shakeology. That’s typically what I have seen in people.

Of course consult your doctor if you are constipation keeps up. , make sure to get checked out and listen to yourself. The number one thing is always listen to yourself. Don’t take my word for it. Check with yourself.

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