Are there any medications that would react to Shakeology?

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On our team call last week Darin Olien was answering some questions our coaches had about Shakeology. Here is his answer to:

Are there any medications that we should worry about reacting to Shakeology?

All medications you should be aware of and you should question once you start drinking Shakeology and or you start eating better and taking care of yourself.

So why do I say that?

You take in the active components that are in the superfood, certainly the ones that reside in Shakeology, they are designed they are collaborative with us , they are alchemical to us they support us they help assist the body in this life they help assist from the cholesterol to energy to restoration, repair performance, you name it.

So when you take in certainly superfoods that are on the higher realm of the nutrient contribution superfood being a high nutrient value. Giving a high Nutrient dividend for your body.

That can then allow your body to heal itself, to let your body start steering it’s way it’s direction to optimal health. If you are taking medications for diabetes, cholesterol, heart disease, mood, depression, and many others I would seriously make sure that you are in line and letting your doctor know and be forewarned that you probably will lessen the medications over time. Now with that as you start feeling better and you start using something like Shakeology, start helping your body in the other ways. And a lot of that is covered in my book Superlife (The 5 Forces that will make you Healthy, Fit and Eternally Awesome) but you need to really be aware medications you are starting and what are the dosages and be ready for your body to feel better and regulate itself. So that may happen.

Are there any medications that we should worry about reacting to Shakeology?

Not necessarily reacting to but reacting with your body so that your body may not want those medications anymore.

Your body may not want the medications any more

Medications are never there to get optimally healthy they are just there to satisfy a certain result of the body not being in balance. So medications can never really get you to the place of optimum. There is always places for medication but we have to have them not be the end all be all for our health. Always work on that balance first.


Go here for more info about Shakeology: http://darrenletourneau.com/supplements/shakeology/what-is-shakeology/

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