Energy and Endurance for your Workouts

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Lacking Energy and Endurance for your workouts? I have a secret. Those early morning workouts I’ve been doing. I’ve been cheating. I take P90X Energy & Endurance 15-20 minutes before my workout.

Energy and Endurance Formula

What is Energy and Endurance Formula?

Energy and Endurance Formula is s pre-workout supplement that was created to improve your energy, endurance, strength and focus so you can maximize your workout.

What are the benefits of E&E?

Since I’ve been taking E&E I have noticed that I am a lot more focused on my workout. It helps me get awake for those early morning workouts. I even took it before one of my hockey games and I was intensely focused the whole game.

Believe it or not, just knowing when I wake up that I get to have this drink makes me excited about doing my workout. It’s almost like a coffee lover just loving that first sip of coffee in the morning.

Why should I have a Pre-workout drink?

Many people take a pre-workout drink because they feel fatigued or have lack of energy prior to a workout.
A pre-workout supplement can help you energize yourself to succeed in your workout.

How many servings are there per-container?

The container says it is for 30 days but you get 25 servings of 2 scoops out of one container. One serving contains 20 calories.

How much do I take before my workout?

Energy and Endurance was formulated by the Beachbody nutrition team for best results with Beachbody programs. You can use it for any program.

They suggest using a full dose for programs like P90X, P90X2, Insanity, Insanity the Asylum.

If you are doing Turbofire, Turbo Jam, ChaLEAN Extreme, Hip Hop Abs, and RevAbs use half a dose to start. Increase to full if needed.

I started using it with P90X3. I started with 1 scoop which is ½ dose and worked my way up to the full dose. Since I workout every day, there are some days that I only use 1 scoop to conserve so I get the full 30 days before my next order comes in. Workouts like Dynamix, Yoga X or other light workouts I will either skip it or just use the ½ dose (1 scoop).

When first taking it I would start with just a ½ dose to get used to it. Everyone has a different sensitivity level. If you are sensitive to caffeine then definitely start with half.

What is in Energy and Endurance?

P90X Energy and EnduranceEnergy and Endurance contains nitric oxide boosters, essential B vitamins, electrolytes,
and natural energizers.

NOTE: Make sure to check the SUPPLEMENT FACTS on the order page in case there is anything you may be allergic to. This is not everything contained in it.

When do you take it?

It’s a pre-workout supplement so about 15 to 20 minutes before your workout. For use on workout days only. Don’t take less than 4 hrs before bedtime. You may be awake for a while.

Does it contain caffeine?

It does have caffeine from natural sources which is included as an energy booster.
If you are sensitive to caffeine then start off with a ½ dose.

What some users are saying about P90X Energy and Endurance Formula

“It’s hard getting to the gym early in the morning, but if I have E&E Energy and Endurance, I’m able to get up,
get going, and do a full workout without stress.” – Jon C.

“E&E helped me plow through a P90X® Kenpo X workout with no trouble at all. And it felt good, even to the end. E&E definitely helps me meet my fitness goals.” – John J.

“I noticed an immediate improvement. E&E helped me stay more focused through my entire workout. And
when I got to the end, I didn’t feel exhausted.” – Erin K.

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