How Do I Find Time To Workout?

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So many people want to know “How do I find time to workout”. I think not having time may be the biggest excuse for anything in life. Will you ever have time?

A one hour workout is 4% of your day. No Excuses

How Do I Find Time To Workout?

Everyone has the same amount of time each day but we all use it differently. Some people have time to workout 2 hours a day while others don’t have even 5 minutes. How can this be?

It all comes down to what your priorities and values are.

Is working out so you feel fit and energized something that you value?

Step 1 – Record your time

The only way to find more time is to find out what you are currently spending all yoru time on. Some people have more time than others, but some don’t even realize what they are spending their time on. The first thing you should do to find more time is start recording where you spend all of your time. This is the only way you will know what you are spending your time on.

You can use this spreadsheet this week to start recording where you are spending all of your time. Print out the sheet, fill it out for the week and come back to this post when you are done so you can follow the remaining steps. Make sure to bookmark the post or even print it out.

Step 2 – What are your goals/values?

goalsYou must have some goals that you want to reach. Maybe it’s weight loss, learning something new, starting a business, spending more time with your family. Write down all the important things in your life that you want to accomplish.

Now that you have decided what your goals and values are, I want you to think of all the things that you value and how many of those you would be able to accomplish if you didn’t have your health. Would you be able to play with your kids if you didn’t have your health? Would you be able to run your business without your health? Does success and riches mean more to you than your health? If they do then enjoy it now because if you aren’t staying healthy it won’t last for long.

Ok.. So is Health one of the top things on your list?

If it isn’t…

I have a friend that had a great secure job, working for a top company, making lots of money, 2 kids and a great wife. His life was good. He worked lots of hours and one day he felt that something wasn’t right. One side of his body was feeling kind of numb so he decided to go to the emergency to find out what was wrong with him. They took him in immediately and started doing tests on him. They didn’t even really have a reason for what was going on with him but he believes it was due to the stress of being overweight and not being healthy. He started thinking about what would happen to his kids and wife if he wasn’t there, did he want someone else to be the father to his kids if he wasn’t there. So he saw an infomercial a few nights later and started doing TurboFire to get himself back in shape. He lost the weight and now helps others with their transformations as well. Now health is a top priority.

So is health at the top of your list?

Step 3 – List Your Activities

Go through all the activities that you wrote on your calendar that you filled out last week. Next to each activity figure out how much time you spent on it.

Go through all these activities that you did and place a number between 1 and 10 beside each. 10 is an activity that is necessary for your goal and 1 being an activity that means very little to your goals.

Step 4 – Eliminate Activities

Take a look at the activities that you listed with a lower number. There must be something on there that is taking up 3.5 hours a week. Is there a TV show you are watching that you don’t need to. Maybe you can start recording one and watch it in the summer instead of reruns.

You may even be able to delegate tasks that need to be done but don’t need to be done by you.

Step 5 – Make A Time Slot

Print up another blank schedule and start filling in all your top priorities, work time, sleep time and your normal things like getting to work and eating.

I find that the best way for me to get my workout done is to schedule it at the same time each day. My schedule rotates so I have a couple schedules I work with because I need to sleep later if I’m working an afternoon shift.

Working out first thing in the morning is a great way to feel that sense of accomplishment and get it out of the way early so you don’t have to dread doing it later when you may not feel like it. Do it before your brain figures out what is going on.

Fill in 30 minutes of workout time each day. You don’t need to workout for hours a day. Most people won’t be able to keep up that pace. I know I can’t. My workouts are only 30 minutes. I have 3 kids, a job and a business so I try to find the fastest way possible to get done what needs to be done. As you can see from my pictures it doesn’t take hours a day to get in great shape.

I never thought that working out each day was necessary until I realized that it was much easier to stay consistent with it when I was doing it every day. If you aren’t working out every day you should at least be doing some sort of physical activity on the days that you aren’t working out. It’s just easier for me to know what I am going to do rather than find something else to do.

30 Minute Workouts

Here are 3 x 30 minute or less workout programs that would work great for anyone. Choose one that is appropriate for your goals.

P90X3 – 30 minute workouts. 6 or 7 days a week. Workouts include resistance training, cardio, Pilates, Yoga, stretching.

Focus T25 – 25 minute workouts. 6 or 7 days a week. Workouts are mostly cardio, 1 day is stretching. Great for anyone that wants to lose a lot of weight by doing cardio. Workouts have modified moves for lower impact as well.

21 Day Fix – 30 minute workout 7 days a week. Workouts include Pilates, Yoga, Cardio, Resistance training. Modified movements for each of the workouts so anyone can do them.

These workouts are all done at home so no need to waste time or money going to a gym. Minimal equipment required for each of these. Programs also come with accountability group, gift card from me and a Bonus workout DVD as well. Click on the program name for a full review of the program, video to see what they are like and how you can get it. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to Contact me for more info.

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