15 Transformation Tips For Reaching Your Goal Faster

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I’ve made many mistakes over the years while I was trying to reach my health and fitness goals. If I had to do it over again here are some of the steps I would make sure I did to be successful. Some may seem pretty basic or you may already know them. I find that I know a lot of things but knowing is not enough. You have to implement the steps and put your knowledge to work for it to work for you.

15 Transformation Tips For Reaching Your Goal Faster

Don’t be afraid to fail

Failure is something that stops people from doing a lot of things in their lives. Here are some people you may know that have failed over and over again. Don’t let failure stop you, they haven’t.

Famous people that failed


Make sure you are ready.

Check with your doctor. Tell your doctor what you are planning to do and find out if you are ready to make the changes. If you are too unhealthy or out of shape you may be better off changing your nutrition and diet first to lose some weight. Walking is always a good thing too.

Start Today!

There is not perfect time to start. I’ve heard it many times.

It’s the end of the week I’ll start on Monday.

I’ll start when I have more time.

I’ll start when I get back from vacation.

The planets aren’t in alignment.

You can sit around and get further out of shape or you can do what you can now, make time to get in shape. You’ll never have enough time for everything. You have to decide what is a priority in your life. Is being healthy so you can be there for your family and live your life to the fullest important to you?

Today is the best day to start!

Just one more then I'll start my diet

Set Goals

Setting a goal is important so you have something to strive for. It gives you some direction. Wanting to workout isn’t a goal. Do you want to lose 10 lbs, 50 lbs, gain 10 lbs of muscle? Is there a waist size you are aiming for?

Follow these goal setting tips and put your goals in writing.

Smart Goal Setting

Have a Plan

Not having a plan is a plan to fail. Walking into the gym and doing what you feel is not a workout. You should have something planned out as to what you are doing each workout. I’ve seen guys working out and every time it gets to leg day they skip it. You can imagine what this picture will look like.

When I first started out I would create my own workouts but it was time consuming and I didn’t get very good results from that strategy. Since I have been following proven workouts I have gotten more results in the last 3 years than the previous 19.

Take a look at what your goals are and choose a workout that will help you get those results.

I choose a workout, stick to it, don’t try to do any more then recommended and if I am not getting results I know it’s because of my diet or I’m not putting in enough effort.

Track Progress

Tracking your progress is the only way that you will know how much you have changed. I wish I would have taken pictures when I first started working out as a 14 year old skinny twerp. My transformation would look so much different. I remember starting high school at 120lbs. Now I’m around 180. That’s a big difference.

Take pictures from the front, side and back. Do some poses as well. The more the better. Don’t be one of those people that realizes after that they should have just taken the pictures because now they are proud of the awesome changes they made but they have nothing to see the difference and inspire others with.

Make sure to also take measurements. If you can’t do it yourself have someone help you. Here is a little chart that shows you where to measure.

Update your pictures and measurements at least every 30 days.

Get Support

There are a lot of people that end up giving up because they don’t have support. It’s hard to have that as an excuse these days with the internet, Facebook, google + and other social media out there. If you can’t find one of your friends or family to support you there are many support groups of others that are changing their lives as well.

You can find out more about our challenge/support group here.

Pace Yourself

I’ve seen many people order extreme workouts like P90X3 or Insanity and get discouraged when they can’t keep up the first few weeks. If you haven’t worked out before it will be hard to keep up at first. Don’t overwork yourself the first month.

Start doing 15 minutes of the workout for the first week, do 30 minutes the second an by the third week you’ll make it to the full workouts. If the workouts were that easy they wouldn’t call them extreme workouts. This is a lifestyle not a quick fix.


Do some kind of warm-up before your workout. Especial if you just came inside out of the cold. This will help you prevent injury. Most DVD workout programs include a short warmup to get you going. I find that a few minutes is usually all I need. Find out what works best for you.


80/20 = Nutrition / Workout

I worked out for years but ignored nutrition and diet. That was the biggest mistake I could have made. I always wanted a six pack and though that I could get it by outworking my bad diet. It isn’t possible. There is no way you could workout enough to do that. If you are working out 3 hrs a week and not getting results then take a look at your diet because that is most likely where the problem is.

you can't out-exercise a bad diet

Track Workouts

What weight did you use last time? How many reps did you do? Exactly! You don’t remember. There is no way for you to improve if you don’t know what you are trying to improve upon. By not tracking your weights and reps you could also choose a weight that is to heavy and hurt yourself because you remembered wrong.


If you don’t schedule it you won’t do it. Think of your workouts as an appointment you are making with your boss. If you miss it you are fired. I read that scheduling your workouts at the same time each day gives you the best chance of doing them. Your body will get used to being ready to workout at that time and your workouts will be more effective.

Broadcast It!

Tell everyone that you are working out. You can stay accountable by posting on your Facebook wall each day. You may even inspire others to join you and support you on your journey.

Get Help!

If you need some help just ask. You can sign me up as your free coach here.

If you are looking for a proven plan here are some programs I’ve gotten great results with –> Total Transformation Packages




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