Fit Dad’s Bootcamp Preseason – MOTIVATION

So the other day I talked about the excuse of not having enough time to workout.

One of the other common excuses I see is not being MOTIVATED.

It’s not easy to be motivated.

I love this quote from Zig Ziglar.

“People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing, that’s why we recommend it daily.”


MOTIVATION is something that you should be doing daily.

Especially if you find that you lack in the motivation department.

Everyone will be motivated by different things.

My “WHY” is what keeps me motivated.

My WHY is to be a positive example for my children. My job as a man is to support my family, keep them healthy, and make sure they are taken care of. That is my motivation to continue what I do every single day.

Some times that isn’t enough to keep us pushing forward every day so here are a couple ways you can motivate yourself.

Motivated by Pain

Current pain – Think about the pain you have been in because you aren’t in the shape you’d like to be in. Has this made you embarrassed? Have you not been able to run around and play with your kids? Are you wearing a shirt in the pool because you are embarrassed to go shirtless? What pain will you be in with illness and other problems in the future if you continue to go in this direction?

Others in pain – It’s not that hard to look around and find others that were where you currently are 5-10 years ago. What has happened to them since they didn’t take action and get in shape? How has it affected their future? Are they having health problems that are affecting them and putting a burden on those around them? Or have they already left and don’t have a second chance to make a change?

The Future – Think about the long term consequences instead of the short term pleasures of being lazy and unhealthy. What delayed dangers are on their way if you don’t take ACTION on these changes now?

Motivated by Pleasure

Envision a better tomorrow – Think about what your life will be like after you’ve stayed consistent with healthy changes. Running around with your kids, having so much energy, being healthy into your golden years, being able to see your son’s/daughter’s marriage, playing with your future grandkids, watching them grow up and get married. I don’t know about you but when I retire I want to be able to get out and do things, travel, maybe improve my golf game… and have fun. Not sit on the couch watching reruns of TV shows all day long.

Remember past success – How did it feel? How did your body react? How did it change you? Vividly recall the amazing feelings you had when you were successful and reached your goal. Imagine that you’ve already reached your goal and how you are going to feel.

Tell a new story – Write out your current story of your health and fitness journey. Add a new ending to this story. Describe the challenges you’ll go through, plot twists and how you’ll end up victorious. Put some feeling into it. This is a great tool you can go back to and read when you aren’t feeling motivated.

Give some of these tricks for MOTIVATION a try!

The key to all of these is the FEELING part!


Your coach and friend.

Darren Letourneau


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