Food Marketing

Have you seen these Food Marketing Translations before?

It can be kind of tricky reading the labels of foods in the grocery store since they all seem to have hidden meanings.

Here’s a few that I found with what they really mean.

Food Marketing Translations

1. No Sugar Added – Instead we have included a variety of sweet tasting carcinogenic chemicals.
2. Artificial Flavoring – A horrible mix of chemicals that will trick your brain into thinking you are eating something healthy.
3. Natural Flavoring – A tiny drop of lemon or something added to the chemical crap listed in item two.
4. Low Fat – Instead of fat we have added a chemical cocktail that is worse than fat ever was.
5. An essential source of vitamins and minerals – We have added a salad of unavailable vitamins and minerals to hide the rest of the garbage that we are feeding you aren’t your children.

Wow that’s interesting.

Have you seen any of these before?

Your friend and coach.

Darren Letourneau