Fitness Tips

Hey Guys.

As you’ve probably heard me say before.

I’ve made a few mistakes before, like everyone has.

Today I’m going to go through some fitness tips that will help you avoid some of the mistake I’ve made and outline some of the other mistakes I see people making.

5 Fitness Tips I Wish I Knew from the Start

Don’t Sacrifice Form

If you don’t have proper form when you’re doing your workouts are at the risk of injuring yourself and if you get hurt you’ll start losing motivation because you can’t do the workouts. It will just be another excuse you can use to not get it done.

Follow the trainers in the videos. They show you how to do the exercises with proper form. if you have to, back up the video and watch it again just so you can get it right. I record myself doing the workout so I can watch my form compared to the guys in the videos. You can also use a mirror if you have one so you can compare in real time.

Better to take the time at the beginning and get it right.

Use the Right Weight

Using the right weight is important. If you are going too heavy you may hurt yourself if you are sacrificing form. If you are going to light you won’t be challenging yourself enough. Find a weight that will be tough for those last few reps.

Write It Down

I always hear in my head Tony Horton and Sagi saying WRITE IT DOWN! It’s important. If you don’t right down how many reps, sets and the weight you did how will you know for next time. This will help you know where to start next time and you’ll know if you are progressing or not.

I always write down the weight I’ll use next time as well if I feel during the current workout that I can do more.

Avoid Distractions

I know your kids and family will distract you during your workout. I’m always tripping on toys and the kids are getting in the way sometimes.

The distractions that you can eliminate are your phone, computer and other electronic devices that are attracting your attention. Turn the data off, leave your computer off during your workout so you can concentrate and get it done.

The best way I know to eliminate distractions during my workout is to do my workout while everyone is sleeping. This way they can’t distract me.


Recovery is key so you don’t injure yourself. Make sure to get a few recovery (stretching, yoga, foam rolling or Pilates) workouts in each week. These will help you during the other days when you are lifting, doing cardio or running. Your body will also thank you for it when you start getting up in age.

I follow the format from P90X3. I add in 2 recovery workouts per week. Sunday and Thursday are my days. This way it kind of breaks up the week.

You’ll find 4 workouts in the P90X3 program that are great for this. Yoga, Dynamix, Isometrics and Pilates. These are usually my go to workouts for those 2 days. Foam rolling from P90X2 is also a great one.

I used to have a few injuries every year and now that I’ve started doing these recovery workouts I know what I need to do when I feel the tightness or a pull coming on.

You can find them all in the free 30 days of on demand that I sent you last week. Hopefully you are taking advantage of them.


Have an AWESOME day!

Darren Letourneau