Clean Eating

I do my best to eat as clean as possible.

I’m not at 100%.

If I can hit 80-90% each day then I’ve reached my goal.

Here is some info on which foods to eat that are the cleanest.

What is Clean Eating?

Everyone has a different definition of this.

It can be very confusing.

The way I see it. Stick to foods that your great, great grandparents would have been eating.

Your focus should be on consuming food that is as close as possible to its natural state.

Which means foods like:

Natural Foods: Fruits and vegetables, Whole grains, Lean meats
Good Fats: Milk, eggs, meat, nuts, avocados, seafood, organic butter, olive oil, coconut oil
Drinks: Water, herbal tea, green tea

And avoid:

Processed foods: white flour, white sugar & anything with more than 5 ingredients or ingredients you can’t pronounce.
Bad fats: Crisco, canola, vegetable oil
Low-fat: reduced fat, no fat foods, Preservatives, Chemicals, Sugar and sweeteners
Drinks: alcohol, juice, soda, (limit coffee to 1 cup/day)Why does clean eating work?The reason this produces such great results is because it forces us to become more aware of what we are eating and develop healthier habits.


Empty the pantry, cupboards and fridge of unhealthy foods.

Having these foods around will just tempt you to eat them.

That’s why I keep them out of my house.

I’m sure your local food bank would love for you to donate them.

If you are finding it hard to do this because you have a family to feed and spent a lot of money on it then just start removing it slowly.

Take these foods off of your shopping list. Replace them with better ones so that each time you go shopping you are buying healthier foods.

You’ll be amazed how many unclean foods you find in your house.. I was.

Condiments, some canned goods, pre-packaged foods. Basically if you see ingredients in them that you have no idea what they are then it’s probably not good.

Get started today on a plan to remove these foods from your house whether it’s all at once or letting them run out.


Your friend and coach

Darren Letourneau

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