Clean Eating Foods

What to eat!

OK so hopefully you’ve cleared out some of the unhealthy food in your home or at least have a plan laid out to do so gradually.

Do you have any food left?

I know there was probably a lot to remove.

What you want to eat is:

Natural Foods: Fruits and vegetables, Whole grains, Lean meats
Good Fats: Milk, eggs, meat, nuts, avocados, seafood, organic butter, olive oil, coconut oil
Drinks: Water, herbal tea, green tea.

I have a few pages of approved foods that you can download here:



Go through the list and find some of the foods that you recognize and that you like and think you can use in your meals.

Take a look through the food list and pick out some new foods to try.

Your friend and coach.

Darren Letourneau