Thanks for your Interest in the Fit Dad’s Bootcamp!

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Subject: What is this Fit Dad’s Bootcamp?

This is Darren Letourneau. The Fit Dad’s Movement guy on Facebook.

Thanks for your interest in the “Fit Dad’s Bootcamp!”

If you’ve already watched the video of the program. You know this isn’t going to be easy but IT WILL BE WORTH IT!

In case you are wondering.. Who is this program for?
It’s not just for athletes. The program includes a “Modifier” to help get you through the exercises you can’t complete.
So what happens next?
Before I get into the details.. I want you to make a DECISION!

This isn’t just for Dad’s that want to purchase a program and have it lying around collecting dust… thinking I’ll get to it sometime.

This is for Dad’s that want to take ACTION! And GET ER DONE!

For those Dad’s that are ALL IN!… and want to…
✔ get their energy back.
✔ set a healthy example for their kids to look up to.
✔ be proud of what they see in the mirror.
✔ be able to keep up with their kids.

You want and deserve amazing results, and I am going to help with that.

Whether you want to get back in to the shape you were in the past, or just be healthier and have more energy to keep up with your kids, I want you to feel AMAZING after you’ve completed this 60 day program.

But you have to make a decision to STICK WITH IT!

If you are still here reading… let’s move on!

Great! You are still here.. That means you are one of the DEDICATED Dad’s that are ready to take ACTION!

I’m speaking to the right Dad’s then.Here is the link http://darrenletourneau.com/fit-dads-bootcamp-hard-corps/startup/ that will give you the full details about the program.

Just know that I was hesitant to try anything at home. You may be there too. You will see the tremendous value in this program once you get in to our support group.

Here’s where you have to decide. You’ve read this far but now you have a decision.
Will you have the information within your grasp but ignore this email?
Will you come up with excuses why you can’t do this?
You may feel like you don’t deserve it? Yeah, that held me back for years.
Let’s make your story different.
Figure out when you can arrange to purchase the program.
If you’re ready to order NOW, you’re an overachiever and I like that. Here are the details and instructions to get your program ordered and to make me your free coach so you can join our group.
(*PS If you have a coach already, don’t order until we speak 1 on 1. Send me a personal message as you can’t get in to this group if you have another coach who you are working with)
  1. Click on the link on this page http://darrenletourneau.com/fit-dads-bootcamp-hard-corps/startup/ 
  2. Click the “Buy Now” button and choose the Shakeology flavour you’d like.
  3. Get the bag, you get more for your money. Chocolate vegan is my favourite, but if you have ANY intolerance to milk get the vegan flavors like I do.
  4. Make sure it shows “Darren Letourneau” will be your free coach. If it doesn’t, enter my ID of 244290. You need to be on my team to get the free support. If it says you already have an account, STOP and message me directly so we can fix that.
  5. Then send a friend request at Darren Letourneau  https://www.facebook.com/darren.letourneau if we are not connected on Facebook. I want to get you in the group ASAP.
Any questions? Email me or contact me on Facebook.
Let me know when you plan on buying the program.
Welcome to the team.
Your friend and coach!Darren Letourneau
Fit Dad’s Movement