7 Tips to NOT eat like Santa at Christmas Dinner

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I was just at my family Christmas party yesterday…

And there was a lot of tempting food around.

I made sure I followed a few simple tips so I didn’t go too overboard.

Here they are:

Eat a few hours before – By having a healthy snack before you’ll have less room to fill up on the not so healthy options. [I had Shakeology before I left.]

Limit your starchy carbs – Limit your potatoes, sweet potatoes and other carbs. [I had one spoonful]

Skip the Bread – [Skipped the bread]

Cut back on the alcohol – Drink a glass of water in between each alcoholic beverage. You’ll last longer and not feel hung over the next morning. [Didn’t drink any]

Eat more vegetables – You can fill up a lot faster on vegetables for less calories. [Half my plate was vegetables]

Get to the back of the line – [I was at the back of the line at our family party and most of the foods that I wanted to stay away from were gone. The vegetables looked untouched.]

Don’t stack your food – If you find that you are stacking food on top of other food on your plate, it isn’t that you plate is too small… you just have too much food.

If you follow these steps you may be able to allow yourself a little treat after dinner.

Do you have any tips that you can share?


Darren Letourneau


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