6 Benefits of Bananas that will make you go Bananas

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I had no idea that bananas had these benefits.

No wonder monkeys are so happy.

Now I’m glad that I eat one every day.

But I’m thinking I should eat it earlier in the day now.

Instead of waiting till later in the morning.


Here are the 6 benefits:

Energy – they provide carbohydrates for replacing muscle glycogen

Brain Power – makes the pupils more alert which helps with learning. Students have said that they have more brain power for exams after they’ve had bananas at breakfast and lunch.

Increase Happiness – Bananas release a mood regulating substance which ends up elevating mood and makes us happier.

Bowel Health – High in soluble fiber which helps maintain regular bowel function and help stop constipation.

Help Smokers Quit – Contain vitamin B and other minerals that help reduce the effects of nicotine withdrawal.

PMS – They contain vitamin B6 which regulates blood glucose levels and helps in times of stress. Also helps to suppress cranky moods.

If you need a quick snack you can’t go wrong.

Who couldn’t use more energy and happiness?

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Darren Letourneau


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