Add Variety To Break Through A Plateau

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Everyone seems to get stuck in a rut sometimes. Myself included. For the past few months I’ve lost a bit of fat but I seem to get to a point that I can’t go any further. You can improve your strength, endurance balance and agility but it’s always nice to see a change in the mirror, inches lost or a drop in weight.

I’ve had a few emails about people getting frustrated when they don’t see results and it just so happened that I was reading about variety in Tony Horton’s book today. I made about it and I also made a video about hitting plateaus as well but I thought I’d make this post to add to what I have said in the videos and give some different options you may want to try out.

Add Variety To Break Through A Plateau

Ways to break through a plateau

Here are some suggestions and I also tell you what I’ve changed this past week.

I mentioned in this video about how you can count calories. This method is from the 21 Day Fix Program. It seems to be a lower number for calories than most other methods. You may be better off starting with this tool and see how it works for a couple weeks and then adjust accordingly if you aren’t losing fat. http://www.teambeachbody.com/eat-smart/nutrition-tools/caloric-needs

The above link only works if you have a Team Beachbody account. If you would like to get your Free account and sign me up as your free coach you can do so here –> FREE ACCOUNT


Here are some other calorie calculators you can also try to use. I usually like to check a couple just to see are similar so I don’t make any mistakes.


Try some different foods

Chances are that if you are anything like me you’ve probably gotten into an eating routine. I know that I like making as little choices as possible so it’s easiest to have the same breakfast and lunch as possible. Dinner I usually don’t have to decide because I leave that up to my beautiful wife. So it’s usually a variety.

Here is an interesting chart that gives you a variety of foods to choose from. The foods in Tier 1 and 2 are the best foods to eat. You can start by substituting foods from the lower tiers (3-5) with food from Tiers 1 and 2. These foods are more nutrient dense and better for you so they should help you to increase your chances of losing weight.

You can also download and print this chart. http://www.teambeachbody.com/eat-smart/michis-ladder

If you have been restricting your calories for a while try going back to your maintenance level or slightly above for a week or so. Your body may be getting used to lack of calories and doesn’t want to use up any access fat.

Try a new workout

For many years I did the same weight training workout. I would even do the same exercises over and over again for months at a time. After a while your body tends to get used to them and you get poor results, over use and injured. I guess that’s a good reason for not using a treadmill or elliptical. If you are don’t use them as your only source of exercise. Try some new things. There are tonnes of workouts out there. You can do Yoga, Pilates, Tai chi, agility workouts, bodyweight workouts, weight training, walking, running, swimming, sports, bike riding, martial arts, dancing and many others that aren’t coming to mind now.

Pace yourself, don’t overdo it, and if you don’t like it move on to another. Challenging yourself with something new will at least be a workout for your mind.

Change your schedule

If you have gotten to use to your routine you may want to switch it up. If you usually workout at night try going to bed early and doing an early morning workout. Push back your meals a bit so you eliminate that late night snack. If you usually eat 6 small meals a day switch it up to 3 a day or vice versa.

The main thing is:

  • Do something different
  • Take measurements and pictures so you know where you started
  • Record what changes you have made and take notes on whether it’s working for you. Do you feel better? More energy?
  • Try it out for a week or more to see if any changes are taking effect.

Just keep pushing through, you’ll get there, you can do it. The littlest, simplest changes can sometimes make the biggest difference. You are so close you don’t even know it.

If you are looking to change up your workout and diet you can check out some of my recommended programs.

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