10 Tips For Sticking To Your Diet At A Restaurant

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Many people will be doing out for Valentines day this weekend and I though that giving you some tips for sticking with your diet plan would be helpful. As you know many restaurants have high calorie foods and fill your plate up like you are eating for 3 people. Most of the times our kids actually share our dishes instead of having their own just because there is so much food. We also tend to overeat when we go out to eat just because it’s an inconvenience to take food home or we don’t want to waste it.

10 Tips For Sticking To Your Diet At A Restaurant


1) You’re better off with foods that are baked, broiled, grilled, roasted, steamed, or poached.

2) Cut back on the condiments and sauces. Many of them are full of calories. Mustard has 0.

3) Drink water.

4) Look up the restaurant menu before you go so you can find out how many calories the in the different meals. This works well with chain restaurants.

5) Order appetizers as entrees. Most appetizers are actually the size that we would normally eat for our dinner.

6) Skip the soup, salad, bread and appetizers.

7) Switch your sides. Many places will substitute fries or an unhealthy side with potatoes, rice, or extra veggies.

8) Don’t drink or limit your number of drinks. Wine and liquor on the rocks are the best option. If you are having a mixed drink use a no calorie drink with the liquor.

9) Use the take out container and save it for lunch or dinner tomorrow. When the plate gets to the table portion out how much you will eat and leave the remainder for the doggy bag.

10) Eat somewhere fancy. Most fancy restaurants will cost more but the food is better and the portions are smaller.

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