Country Heat

Beachbody’s newest dance workout program Country Heat is being released on July 27, 2016.

“Country Heat is so simple, anyone can do it…and so much fun, everyone will want to!”

Country Heat Dance Workout

What is Country Heat?

Country Heat is a cardio dance workout performed to country music. (Not a line dancing workout) The music is popular country songs.

Country Heat features the hottest country music, using fully licensed songs that you’ve probably heard on the radio. Not only did Autumn pick these songs for their popularity, she specifically matched her moves to the faster and slower beats to create the perfect interval training within each routine. The result? A fired-up metabolism that burns maximum calories and fat-in just 30 minutes a day!

The program was created by Autumn Calabrese from the 21 Day Fix, 21 Day Fix Extreme, Fixate Cookbook and The Master’s Hammer and Chisel.

Who is Country Heat for?

Anyone who’s looking for a simple, fun, and effective way to lose weight and get fit.

While Country Heat is perfect for beginners, it’s also a great cardio-based workout for people at all fitness levels who like to dance or want to stay in shape.

It’s also a great choice for people who like to dance but are intimidated by choreography. There are no complicated moves, no weights or equipment-just follow along and you’ll be dancing right from Day One.

Also great for anyone looking for a low-impact exercise program (no jumping or weights).

What is the difference between COUNTRY HEAT AND CIZE routines?

Country Heat’s choreography is simple; all you have to do is follow along! Autumn teaches you two steps at a time, then moves on to the next two steps. And you don’t need to memorize anything. (unlike Cize that you needed to remember the full routine)

What is needed for this program?

6 Square feet of space is needed to be able to do the dances in this program. No equipment required.

How long is the program?

The workouts are 27 to 30 minutes of nonstop dancing. One workout per day for 6 days each week. It’s a 30 day program. The program consists of 5 dance routines and 1 exercise routine.

Country Heat Workouts

How long are they?

Country Heat 6 WORKOUTS (3 DVDs)
(Learn The Moves
(Do The Workout!)
 Country Swing  23:00  32:31
 Giddy Up  20:13  28:52
 Down & Dirty  15:38  27:02
 Bring the Heat  14:52  27:30
 Trail Ride  18:01  25:30
 Dance Conditioning  N/A  24:21

Challenge Pack Bonus Workouts (1 DVD)
Dance Mash-Up Length 19:55

Workout Descriptions

COUNTRY SWING – Go a little wild with songs like “Young & Crazy” while you crank up the calorie burn with moves like the Grease Step and 2-Timing Hop.

GIDDY UP – Stomp your feet as you speed up your heart rate. Moves like Scuff Squats and Saddle Jumps work your legs and glutes, but songs like “Fake ID” help you forget you’re burning major calories!

DOWN AND DIRTY – Get down to the songs “Sideways” and “Footloose” and feel the fire in every muscle, while steps like Rocking Horse and Mule Kicks send your metabolism soaring.

BRING THE HEAT – Autumn mixes up the tempo to blast your entire body with high-energy moves set to “I Like It, I Love It” and other hot songs that get your heart pumping, so you get fit fast.

TRAIL RIDE – Blitz the fat in no time flat! There’s no cooling your heels when you’re doing the Summertime Stomp to tunes like “Bar Hoppin” and “Be My Baby Tonight.”

DANCE CONDITIONING – Follow Autumn’s most effective toning and conditioning moves that use your own body weight to build muscle and sculpt your sexiest body yet.

DANCE MASH-UP – You’ll want to be front and center, because Autumn is cranking up her favorite songs and top fat-blasting moves from Country Heat for the ultimate “best of” workout.

Country Heat Preview

Here is a preview of what the workouts in the program look like.

Country Heat Nutrition Plan

The success of any program comes down to the Nutrition plan. If read about anyone that has gotten AWESOME results with a program it is because they followed the Nutrition plan.

This program uses the same nutrition plan as the 21 Day Fix. “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.”

Thousands of women and men have gotten AWESOME results following this nutrition plan. You’ll get the 7 portion control containers to help you learn what foods to eat and how much of each of them to eat so you can lose weight and reach your goal.

There are some fun new recipes that include a country flare!

Having total nutrition also comes down to fueling your body right with vitamins and nutrients so you can recover and get to the next workout the following day. This is achieved with Shakeology.

Country Heat Results

I was hearing Autumn talk about some of the results from the test group. She mentioned that there are several people that lost 60 lbs doing this program for 90 days. Without having to lift a weight or go through some extreme workout program.

Country Heat Results

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