Your Yesterday’s Determine Today

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I was just thinking of one of my favourite movies.

Back to the Future

In the first movie of the trilogy the main character Marty accidentally goes back to 1955 in the Delorean time machine.

He ends up interrupting his parents first meeting and if he doesn’t find a way for them to meet he won’t exist in the future.

They were supposed to meet when his grandfather hit his father with the car.

But instead…

He had stopped that from happening and his grandfather ended up hitting him with the car.

And his mother felt sorry for him instead therefore not having those feelings for his father.

He finds a way to get them to meet.

And the new story is that his father saved his mother from a guy that she didn’t want around her.

So now he’s more of a HERO than a charity case.

Marty goes back to 1985 (the year he came from) and…

Everything has changed.

Just because of the way they met.

Before: they were unhappily married, lazy, had crappy jobs and they were unsuccessful.

After: happily married, in love like they just met, love their lives and they are successful and all of this trickled down to their children as well.

Even though it’s only a movie.

Are lives are somewhat like a movie too.

Just a simple change that you don’t think would matter much can make a big difference.

You won’t see it now.

Maybe not even in a month.

But it will just keep compounding each day and eventually it will be like the difference between Day and Night.

Maybe it’s that new friend you made, the coach that helped you, a new workout that you started, focusing on eating healthier or helping others change their lives.

It can begin that ripple effect that changes everything moving forward.

You never know what it is that will switch that light bulb ON and make sense of everything.

If you are ready to make some small changes in your life that will turn into a ripple effect in the future we’d love to have you join our team of fit, motivated and positive people. Contact me for more details. http://www.facebook.com/darren.letourneau


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