Your Homeostatic Impulse is holding you back

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What is your homeostatic impulse?

It is your unconscious tendency to stick with what you have always done.

Kind of like your comfort zone.

This is what holds everyone back.

Any time we try to do something that isn’t normal for us, it blocks us.

And if you want to keep getting better.

Your goal should be to always be increasing your comfort zone.

Right now you are at a point that you are doing something that used to be out of your comfort zone but now it is part of your comfort zone.

For me, working out for 30 minutes each day was out of my comfort zone.

Now, it is in my comfort zone.

So now I have to find new ways to make it challenging and out of my comfort zone.

Instead of doing what many people do (adding more workouts which will lead to burnout).

I simply change the type of workout to something I’m not comfortable with.

Like Cardio,

Or a challenge type workout,

Or something off balance,

Or yoga,

Or Pilates.

Today I started Insanity Max 30.

And my goal is to push myself to my max each day to get in incredible shape.

Getting uncomfortable with a challenge in every workout to push to my max (which I haven’t done in many years).

So take a look and see if what you are doing now has become your new comfort zone.

If it has.. Start stretching yourself.

Not necessarily to do more, but to push harder and challenge yourself.

Set the bar higher.

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Darren Letourneau

Beachbody Coach

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