Workout Your Muscles with Your Mind

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I just came across a post on the Team Beachbody blog and they have announced a new program they are working on to release at Beachbody Summit 2015 in Nashville.

The current title of it is “Oculus Lift”.

So what is the Oculus Lift program?

It’s a program for increasing strength without having to lift any weights.

Yes… No weights.

Also increase speed and stamina as well.

It’s all done through your mind.

So focused meditation.

In the book/movie “The Secret” they talk about how athletes have been hooked up to machines and told to run the race in their mind. They noticed that the same muscles were firing off while they were doing it in their minds as when they were actually running the race. Your mind doesn’t know the difference between what you are imagining and what is real.

Who is the Program Creator?

They can’t mention the creator yet but did say his name is Tony. I figured it out just from this quote that they posted “The key is to stay committed to your decisions, but stay flexible in your approach.”

The programs creator says that the hardest part is getting people to imagine themselves doing it.

If you haven’t figured it out then you probably haven’t read any of his personal development/self help books.

They mentioned there was a study done that was published last December. In the study there were 29 volunteers placed in a wrist cast so they couldn’t work out those muscles. Half of the group did nothing and the other half performed imaginary muscle building exercises. The group that did the imaginary exercises lost 50% less muscle than the other group.

The process is called “Progressive Neurological Overload”. So the secret behind this program is to actually increase gains.

Taking massive action can also happen in the mind.

So it may seem like this program would be easy since you don’t have to actually workout.

But the way that you would use your mind to accomplish this would be a challenge.

Who is Oculus Lift for?

The advantage of this program is that you don’t’ have to be in a workout setting, have the time to workout or go anywhere to do it. You can workout anywhere that you are as long as you have some focused time to do it.

So if you are in a crammed space like on a plane or have some extra time in the office this would be beneficial to you.

Even if you are already doing a Beachbody Program you can add this in to increase your results without having to do an extra workout in the process.

Oculus Lift Release Date

Like I said at the beginning of this post. It will be released at Beachbody Summit 2015 in Nashville.




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