Which Movie is Playing on Your Camera?

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What you are focusing your attention on each day determines how your day will go.

Your brain is like a camera.

In the movie of your life the camera (your brain) has to choose what to focus on.

Anything that you aren’t focused on is therefore deleted and doesn’t show up on the screen.

So the final movie only shows what your camera (brain) was focused on for the day.

It could be:

  • Learning something new from a good book or audiobook.
  • Watch disasters and depressing events on the news.
  • Having fun playing with your kids.
  • Listen to people that are constantly complaining about how their life sucks.
  • Listening to your favourite music.

Some of these focus on the positive and others on the negative.

If most of your camera is focusing on the NEGATIVE things that’s how your movie will turn out.

If it’s focusing on the POSITIVE then that’s the kind of movie you’ll get.

It’s not about totally overlooking negative things and saying that everything must be positive.

But many times you have a choice between the positive and negative and it all comes down to what your camera (brain) is focusing on.

I started by eliminating TV shows that were negative and replaced them with learning something new and positive from a book.

I don’t even miss TV anymore and I actually like reading now.

Start by looking at where your attention is directed and if this is what you need to be focusing on to improve your life.

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Darren Letourneau

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