The Ziga Zaga Ziga Zaga Plateau Buster

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This song by Walter Ostanek, Ziga Zaga I heard at Oktoberfest last week just popped into my head.

I know what you’re thinking.. No I wasn’t there drinking up a storm.

It was a German club function that I was volunteering at.

How does this relate to health/fitness.

It made me think about this Zig Zag diet routine that you can try if you are stuck in a plateau.

I heard Chalene Johnson talking about it once.

Your body is always adapting and once it adapts to what you are doing you get stuck at a plateau. Usually it takes 3-4 weeks to get out of a plateau if you just stick to what you are doing. The problem is that most people are impatient.. and want results NOW!

To get out of that plateau you need to change something up. One of your options is changing how much you are eating each day.

The way this Zig Zag nutrition works is by changing up how many calories you are eating every day.

For example: Let’s say your calorie target is 1600 per day for the week at a total of 11200.

With this strategy you will still eat the same calories total for the week but each day will be different.

So Monday you could eat 1200, Tuesday 2000, Wednesday 1200, Thurs 2000… and so on.

Just balance it out to your weekly total.

Just keep switching it up so your body doesn’t get adjusted to one set amount of calories each day.

On the days that you eat less calories you could go to bed earlier or sleep in later. This way you won’t be awake as long and get that feeling that you are hungry.

Sometimes we get so focused on our routine and in the groove that we stop progressing.

Make sure to start recording what and how much you are eating before this experiment and also during so if it works for you then you know what to do next time you hit a plateau.

If you’ve tried this before let me know how it’s worked for you.

For a great plateau busting program that will keep you guessing at every turn check out Chalene’s newest PiYo workout program here:

Darren Letourneau

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