Super Power That Will Motivate you to Walk Through Fire

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What separates those that reach goals from those that don’t?

There is just one driving force that can help anyone to reach their goals.

It’s “WHY”.

The reason WHY you want to achieve these goals.

When you start on your goal you’ll be excited about it for a while but after that honeymoon stage the excitement starts to fade.

This is when your WHY comes in.

Everyone else that made a New Year’s resolutions will start to cave after a few months but those with a WHY will continue forward.

It makes a huge difference.

For example: {story I heard from Darren Hardy}

If there was a 10 inch wide plank on the floor that is 30 feet long would you walk across it for $20?

I think anyone would.

If that plank were between 2 tall buildings, would you still walk across for $20?

I know I wouldn’t.

Now if that building on the other side had your child on it and it was on fire would you walk across that plank for $20.

I’m sure you answer would be “immediately”.

Both times the risk and dangers of walking across the buildings were the same but the second time there was a stronger reason WHY you should and a big enough reason to do it.

When you have a strong reason “why” attached to your goals you will do almost anything for them.

So when you just don’t feel like working out, eating healthier, putting in the extra effort for your business.

Remember those reasons WHY you doing what you are doing.

Because it won’t always be fun and exciting.

So your “why” needs to be strong enough to push you through those valleys.

So once you have your goals set write out the reasons “WHY” you need to achieve them.

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Darren Letourneau



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