Steve Harvey’s Big Goal

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I was just listening to a podcast and they were talking about GOALS!

Yes I know you’ve probably heard so much about goals and how powerful they are.

It’s true!

You can accomplish so much more when you write them down and tell your brain what you want so it can pay attention to things that will bring you towards your goal.

They were talking about Steve Harvey. You may know him from the Steve Harvey show or Family Feud.

When he was in 3rd grade his teacher had the class write down their goal on a sheet of paper and hand it in.

The teacher looked through everyone’s paper and stopped at Steve’s.

She called him up to the front of the class and asked him,

“Why did you write this goal down.”

Steve replied with “well I believe in this goal”.

The teacher wanted to know who he knew that would help him achieve this goal.

Steve didn’t know anyone that could help him reach it.

He wrote down that he wanted to be on TV.

The teacher had him read it in front of the class and everyone including the teacher laughed at him.

She told him to go home and show this to his mom so she could see what a disgrace he is to his family.

His mom was mad and told him to just wait till his dad comes home because he’s going to get a whooping for being such a smart-aleck in class.

His dad comes home, sits down with him and asks him if he really believes in this goal.

Steve replies “YES!”

So Steve’s dad has him take out another sheet of paper and write down another goal like the other kids so he could complete the assignment.

Then he tells him to take the sheet with his original goal on it and fold it up, put it under his pillow.

He told him to read it before he goes to bed and when he wakes up in the morning.

26 years later Steve was on TV.

There will be many people telling you that you can’t achieve your goal.

They may think it’s silly, you aren’t smart enough or that you have no reason to dream that BIG.

Write that goal down, visualize it every day, and do something every day that is bringing you closer to achieving it!

What is your BIG GOAL?


Darren Letourneau


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