Should you do 2 HIIT workouts a day?

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I just got a question from one of my e-mail subscribers.

“Thanks so much for the emails and encouragement to change my lifestyle and acquire good habits. I have a question with regards to workouts. Is it wrong to do two HIIT workouts a day? One early morning and the other two hours before bedtime. Each workout being 30 mins. Thanks so much again for your advise.”

Here’s my reply:

Right and Wrong all comes down to you.

For myself, you won’t find me doubling up on workouts unless I’m at a LIVE Beachbody event doing the workouts live with the celebrity trainers.

There are many coaches that double up on the programs doing a cardio routine and a bulking routine at different times during the day. It works for some. Others are having a hard time with the next mornings workout and their intensity suffers. There just isn’t any more gas in the tank.

For me it doesn’t make much sense.

I know people think that they can speed up their results by doing 2 workouts a day or even doing longer workouts.

Results that stick take time.

If you are working out hard for 30 minutes a day and not getting any results then ask yourself:

  • “Am I following the nutrition plan and eating the right amount?”
  • “Am I letting my body recover and getting enough sleep?”
  • “Did I put enough effort into my workout?”

By doing 2 workouts you may be over-training depending on how often you are doing this and it also depends on the person. If you are training for a sport I’d check out some sport specific training.

I look at it this way. I want my workout plan to be something I can maintain for life because it’s a lifestyle.

My goal is 7 workouts a week [if I only get 6 in no big deal], only 30 minutes and that includes low intensity days like Yoga, Pilates and stretching so my body can recover.

The program I’m starting next week includes Yoga, Pilates, Cardio, Upper Body, Lower Body and a few others. A nice mix and easy to follow portion controlled nutrition system. Simple to do but does require work. Contact me for more info about joining our Challenge group and taking your fitness to YOUR next level this year. http://www.facebook.com/darren.letourneau


Darren Letourneau

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