Should I use Workout Machines?

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I was just talking with a friend about their workout they are doing at the gym.

They use machines for the full workout.

This seems to be the norm for anyone starting a program at the gym.

Some of the gyms have 8-10 machines in one area that they set up as a circuit for people that are new to the gym so they can make it simple for them to workout.

I haven’t used a machine in over 5 years.

Why don’t I use them?

1 – They restrict your movement. You kind of have to go where the machine wants you to go.

2 – You use fewer muscles. Your smaller stabilizing muscles aren’t being used. By not using these muscles it makes it much easier for you to tweak something when playing sports or even just accidentally taking a misstep.

3 – You aren’t using your core. Your core muscles don’t get much of a workout when you are using machines.


Why use machines?

Some of the beneficial reasons for machines would be:

1 – You can lift a lot heavier weight.


There are just so many options for different workouts that you can do without them.

The cable pulley machines are still great since they allow you to move with your natural movement.

If I was using any machines at all I would make sure to mix in exercises that don’t use machines as well or just use them for a burnout at the end.

Do you use machines for your workouts?


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