Santa’s New Year’s Plan to Lose the Bowl Full of Jelly

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I was going to sleep last night when I noticed Santa’s elf Lucky wasn’t where we put him.

Apparently our elf on the shelf was real.

And Santa has sent out all these elf’s to take notes on the children of the world to see who’s Naughty and Nice.

But he had a different mission for them this year.

It was to find out changes he could make for his life in 2015.

Santa is starting to become concerned with the fact that he is getting slower with age. His doctor told him he has to watch his weight because it’s going to start bringing on healthy problems and he doesn’t want to have to miss Christmas next year.

So Lucky asked me for some advice.

So here’s what I told him to tell Santa:

1 – Eat more veggies.

I know they aren’t in season in the North Pole but with all the flying elf’s it shouldn’t be too much trouble for them to round up some veggies on their way back to the North Pole.

2 – Substitute the Cookies and Milk.

Leave a note for the kids this year to leave some veggies, fruit and water next year… and some Shakeology (http://darrenletourneau.com/?p=1329) would be super.

The cookies and milk are leaving you bloated and slow.

3 – Get more exercise.

Instead of using the sleigh all the time. Take a walk, get some fresh air and quit having the elves do everything for you.

Once you start to get in the grove start a beginner exercise program that won’t kill you like P90 (http://darrenletourneau.com/?p=1269)

4 – Record your calories

When you bite it, write it. It’s amazing how much food you can eat it when you aren’t even thinking about it. Write down all those calories you are consuming form the cookies and milk at each house.  It probably won’t be worth the trouble after a while.


So this is my plan for Santa.

We’ll have to see if he sticks with it in 2015.

Have a great Holiday Season…

A Merry Christmas

Happy and Healthy New Year.


Darren Letourneau

Beachbody Coach

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