Recipe for Frustration

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Are you frustrated with your results?

Are you tired of seeing everyone else succeed while you fail?

I’ve been there.

On social media it only takes a few seconds to see someone that is happier, more successful, has more toys, or is doing more with their life.

It’s natural for us to want to compare ourselves to them.

And that’s how we get frustrated.

It’s like a game that we have to win.

It’s almost a negative thing to be connected this much.

If someone is at point C and you are at point A you may never catch up.

While you are moving from point A to B they are going from C to D.

Everyone is starting at a different place and everyone has different live experiences to work from.

No matter how much you know about them you still don’t know everything they have learn or been through to gain the experience that you don’t have.

So even if you’ve started at the same time, doing the same thing, you still started at a different position.

So instead of checking in and comparing yourself to others.

Go find a mirror and check in on yourself.

  • Is that person in the mirror giving their best effort?
  • Did you dig deeper than yesterday?
  • Are you keeping track of your progress?
  • Do you take the time be grateful for the progress you’ve made?

The image in the mirror is your competition.

If you can say you’ve done your best today that is all that matters.

What did you do to push forward today?

I pushed forward and maxed out at 6:20 today and I’ll compare my results to this next week. Our test group is doing this too: http://darrenletourneau.com/?p=1800


Darren Letourneau

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