Put your OXYGEN mask on first!

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If you’ve ever been on a plane.

You’ve probably heard them tell you to put your mask on first before you help someone else with theirs.

The reason for this is that you will be able to help more people with theirs if you have the oxygen to do so.

If you can’t breathe then you may be able to help 1 maybe 2 people at most.

The same goes for your HEALTH!

So many people are worried and concerned about other things when their HEALTH should be coming first.

For me it’s #1.

Some may say well shouldn’t family or something else be first.


But if you don’t have health how are you going to be there for your family, business or anything else you are looking after?

When you are healthy you’ll be able to perform and give so much more and for a longer time then if you don’t have your health.

It INCREASES every other area of your life.

You’ll be more CONFIDENT, have more ENERGY, more PASSION, more ENTHUSIASM, and you’ll be HAPPIER to those around you.

So I spend a little extra on my health because everything else I do will be at a higher productivity and it will all balance out in the end.

I’d rather be HEALTHY than save a few bucks, eat junk, be lazy and have no energy to do anything worthwhile.

Everyone has their own choice.

Contact me if you are ready to put on your oxygen mask or even if you already have yours on and would like to help people with theirs.



Darren Letourneau


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