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Have you ever noticed that teams always push harder and accomplish more at the end of the game?

What happened to the other 59 minutes?

This goes for many games.

I’ve seen some hockey teams come back from a 3-0 deficit in the last 3 minutes.

So what happened for the first 57 minutes?

The majority of us seem to be much more productive the closer it gets to the deadline.

No matter what the deadline applies to.

During my workout yesterday, Shaun T said there was 15 seconds left in the exercise.

So I pushed myself as hard as I could for those last 15 seconds


There was actually 30 seconds left.

If you find you aren’t reaching your goals and your productivity is low.

Start breaking down your BIG GOALS into smaller segments.

Like a monthly, weekly, daily or hourly goal.

And you’ll find these extra deadlines will cause you to push yourself more often.

So after you set your goal for the year.

Break it down by quarter, month and week.

And keep track of your progress and what is working.

And you’ll get that extra push or motivation every time you succeed.

Don’t wait till there’s one minute left in your life to make a change.

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Darren Letourneau

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