Is your Workout Partner Making or Breaking your Workout?

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You’ve probably heard this before.

We tend to become like the 5 people we hang around most.

And that goes for workout partners too.

My son was skating on the weekend.

Boy was he motoring.

He was doing his best to keep up with his brothers.

I’ve never seen him move so fast.

He upped his game to play with the big boys.

Today he went to skating lessons.

And picked up right where he left off.


The other kids joined him.

All of a sudden he slowed down… and went at their pace.

He started falling all over the ice.

And he stooped to their level.

Even though he can do so much more.

And that’s what happens to many of us if we aren’t careful.

You neglect some of the more difficult exercises because they aren’t able to do them.

You lift lighter because you want your workout partner to keep up.

They get tired and want to leave so you cut the workout short.

They don’t feel like working out today so you cut the workout too.

And then you wonder at the end of the year… Why didn’t I make any progress?

So take a look at your workout partner and ask yourself:

Are they lifting me up?

Are they a positive influence on me?

Are they challenging me to do better each workout?

If you have a good one it’s great… but a bad one holds you back.

I’ve had some bad and good workout partners. Now I just opt for the consistent one. I have a workout partner/trainer that motivates me, pushes me, yells at me and gives me tips along the way.

He’s ready for a workout any time of day… and I can curse at him all I want and he won’t get offended.

All I have to do is put in the DVD and push play.

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Darren Letourneau

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