Is your instruction manual missing?

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Don’t you hate it when the instruction manual is missing?

That has to be the most frustrating thing ever. And according to Brian Tracy, one of the biggest frustrations people have is getting the most out of themselves.

And one of the things people get most frustrated with is trying to get fit and the body that they’ve always dreamed of.

There is no lack of information, it’s just that trying to put it all together right is like doing a jigsaw puzzle without a picture to follow.


Imagine putting together a bedroom set from Ikea without the instruction manual.

It’s not easy.

How long do you think that would take you?

Even with the right tools it will be quite a while.

Now if you have the instruction manual it will be considerately less time.

But imagine if you had guidance from someone that has already assembled this exact bedroom set. They know the steps, tricks that aren’t in the manual and they will be there to answer your questions.

Can it get any better?

What about a group of others that are assembling the same item at the same time as you to keep you engaged and motivated to continue?


So how does this relate to health transformation?

This is what happens in the test/support/motivation group.

Workouts to follow, fitness & nutrition manual, a coach for guidance, others doing the same program to motivate and inspire along the way.

Plus right now our groups have several coaches checking in and answering questions.

Contact me if you are frustrated with the results you’ve been getting and you are ready to make some serious changes.


Darren Letourneau

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