Is flexibility part of your workout routine?

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My answer is YES!

About a year ago… No!

Every several months I would get a pull in my back which turned out to be my hip flexor. After a build-up of tension it would just go out at the weirdest time.

Even when just bending over to tie my shoes.

My doctor didn’t have a solution, just told me to use ice, then heat and deal with it.

Nothing he could do or recommend.

So I started going for a massage every few months.

The only problem is I probably needed one every other week. Without going consistently it would just start to tense up again and all the progress they made would be lost.

It was getting quite expensive.

If you are in Indonesia. Then they are only $5.

But it’s pretty expensive to get there.


Once I found out what the problem was I was able to minimize it.

Just last week I felt my back/hip flexor starting to tense up and it was about to go.

So I fixed it.


I popped in my flexibility dvd’s and got to work.

Have you ever looked into what flexibility can do?

Benefits of flexibility training:

  • A muscle that is more flexible has up to 25% more strength potential.
  • Working on flexibility can help break a plateau.
  • Dynamic flexibility training will create less tension in your muscles.
  • Many aches and pains that you think are from overtraining could be prevented from flexibility training.
  • Run faster – If your leg is more flexible that means you can reach your leg out further and have a longer stride which will make you run faster.


I thought that my injury always came from overtraining but it was actually from lack of flexibility.

Best time for flexibility training is after you are already warmed up.

And it doesn’t always have to be static stretching (holding a stretch) either.

Stretching should only be done after our bodies are warm. Stretching before a workout is a myth.

So what workout did I do?

PiYo. It’s not holding a pose it’s dynamic flexibility. It can be used as a full 60 day program or you can just add it in to your routine. Also a great cardio workout if you can’t make it to the gym.

The PiYo challenge pack is on sale this weekend. Contact me and I can send you the info to get started.


Darren Letourneau

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