I’ll just work it off later.. Really?

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I’ll just have to work it off later.

I hate it when I hear people say this.

Can you really work it off later?

Not really.

Especially if you already have fat to lose.

Just think of how long it will take you to work it off.

Some Starbucks latte’s are over 200 calories

Regular Pizza Slice around 200 calories

Donut = 200

Big mac = 530

Ice Cream 200-400 calories

Average Chocolate Bar is 200


And how long would it take to burn them off?

For 1 hour these exercises would burn:

Walking = 200

Running = 544

Elliptical Machine = 612

Rowing machine = 476

Swimming = 408

Strength Training = 204

Yoga = 170


For the 5 minutes of pleasure it takes to eat one of these items it will take at least 30 minutes to burn.

Everyone knows.. it’s pretty hard to just have one.

So it could turn into a few extra hours of workout.

But who has time for that?

Just eat right.

Schedule in a treat once in a while.

But account for it ahead of time.

Saying you’ll burn it off later is just a lie.

It won’t happen.

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Darren Letourneau

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