If You’re Happy and You Know it…. WHAT!

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My kids were singing this song the other day.

“If you’re happy and you know it eat a snack.”

“If you’re sad and you know it eat a snack.”

I was shocked when I heard them singing this.

My first thought, “Who taught you this song?”

I thought it was some kid at school..


TV… ahhh!

I missed the commercial since I don’t watch much TV.

It’s part of the ______  ________ commercial.

That also tells you if you are…

bored, lonely, sleepy, guilty or stressed…

To eat a snack.


So now when anyone has these emotions, the first thing they think of is the catchy song telling them to eat a snack.

So instead of helping people get control of their weight.

They are helping people gain it.

And you know once kids hear a new version of a song they know, they don’t stop singing it.

What we say to ourselves over and over again becomes our reality.

So not only do we have to hear it as their parents.

But now when they feel those emotions they will want to have a snack.

And up goes child obesity.

And now I can’t get this song out of my head either.

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