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Hello and thanks for stopping by my NEW blog.

I just finished reading “START” Punch fear in the face by Jon Acuff. Great book and I think I’ll have to read it again soon as soon as I get through the action steps in the back of the book. Jon talks about his blog that he started which propelled him into eventually writing books. It has INSPIRED me to start this blog to start sharing what I am learning so others can have a shorter road to success.

I’ve been online for several years blogging on fitness. I decided to start this blog since my other sites haven’t performed as well as I expected them to. I want to be able to share more than just fitness. Over the last year I have really gotten into personal development and though it would be great to start sharing insights from books I’ve been reading and how I have completely changed my mind, body and lifestyle in the past year so others can do the same.

Over the past year I have read over 40 personal development books. For me this is AWESOME since I had read 0 before. If you want to change things in your life you have to change yourself first.

I’ll be sharing insights and tips as I keep learning and building my Beachbody business on the way to reaching my BIG DREAMS!

Get ready for an AWESOME week!

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