I hit UNDO on my results!

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Every day I come across people throwing away their hard work.

They spend long hours working out, giving it their all and then….

Let it all slide when it comes to nutrition.

Like the guy spending hours in the gym each day but eats pizza for dinner every time I see him.

or the girl working so hard wondering why she can’t lose the weight

meanwhile she’s drinking diet soda all day not realizing that the artificial sweeteners are inhibiting her weight loss.

And I’m not saying I’m perfect… because I’m not.

I’m human like everyone else.

And I used to be one of them.

Working out hours in the gym and then going home and eating cookies, ice cream or whatever was in the cupboard. Working weekends in a fast food restaurant eating pizza and drinking diet coke all day.

I hit UNDO on my results!

and it made it so much harder to achieve the results I wanted.

And it wasn’t until a few years ago that the lights finally turned on.

You need to treat your body right if you want it to work the most efficiently.

and when it’s working efficiently you can do so much more.

But where do you start?

Start with at least one SUPER HEALTHY meal in each day.

You could replace one of these horrible options with Shakeology.

shakeology vs other options

All your vitamins and nutrients… without any cheap fillers, artificial flavours or artificial sweeteners.

And it’s actually cheaper than most other options.

But it’s your body.

And it’s your hard work.

So it’s your choice.

Help your body out and it will reward you.

I’m almost 37… and I feel better, have more energy, and my body runs more efficiently than when I was 21.

And the 21yr olds at my work can’t keep up with my pace.



Darren Letourneau

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