How to work around your injury excuse

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I get some weird excuses for people unsubscribing but this one yesterday is really sticking with me.

Here it is.

“I broke my foot.”

So what this person is saying is that one of their limbs (don’t search this on google it’s pretty grosse) isn’t working so why workout the others. Also If I can’t stand why would I still want to eat healthy?

Even if you seem to be in a situation where you can’t use your foot, knee, elbow, shoulder or others there is a work around most of the time.

If it’s your back you are probably out.. But you can still focus on eating healthy so your results don’t fade as quickly.

Upper body injury solution:

I injured my shoulders many times so my solution is to just do lower body exercises. Go for a walk, stationary bike or just switch out all the dvd’s that focus on upper body and replace them with lower body workouts. I did this when I was working out with P90X3 last year and I got through the entire program without missing a day.

Lower Body injury solution:

For someone with a lower body injury you may still be able to do modified (on your knees) push-ups and planks. Other upper body exercises while you are sitting on a bench. Some abdominal exercises can also be done without the use of your lower body.

Everyone is in a different position so depending on what you hurt you can do your best to work around it or just focus on your healthy eating while you are healing. Remember to have it checked out by your Doctor so you don’t do something that will keep it from healing properly.

Eating healthy will help speed up the recovery.

There is no excuse to give up both your fitness and nutrition.

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