How to become a MASTER at whatever you do!

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How to become a MASTER at whatever you do!

I was reading an email I got the other day talking about how Jerry Seinfeld was asked what make him such a great comedian.

His answer was that he wrote jokes every day.

That’s pretty much the success secret you’ll find from anyone that has become successful.

They just did it over and over and over and over and over….. again.


Yes it seems so simple but it works.


What does it work for?


Want to learn a computer program?

Use it every day!

Want to become better at a sport?

Play it every day!

Want to become a better writer?

Write every day!

Want to learn to ride a bike?

Practice riding every day!

ACTION will make the difference know matter what it is. You can study it forever and learn how to do it but if you don’t take the ACTION and practice it daily, you won’t get better at it.

When you keep taking action every day you’ll start to build momentum and it will become easier… even if it doesn’t feel like it is at first.

No matter where you are in your life I’m sure there is something you would like to get better at.

I’ve been making more videos lately so I can improve my skills.
You don’t have to be perfect.

99% of the time I do one take, don’t watch it, just post it.

Each time it gets easier to make them.

Here are some videos I made this week:

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No Time for Quiet – How I get some quiet time everyday!

How the 80-20 Rule Relates to Your Transformation Business and Life

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The Real Reason You have a Goal

What is failure?

What to do when Overwhelmed and Procrastinating

If you are on YouTube and you’d like to subscribe to my channel… That would be AWESOME!


Have a great weekend!

Hope some of these tips help you out.

Your friend and coach!

Darren Letourneau

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