How to be part of the TOP 3%

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I just read a statistic.

Apparently only 3% of people set goals.

So the other 97% don’t think about what they want nor have a plan for getting it.

If you already set goals then you are headed in the right direction.

Health and fitness goals aren’t the only types of goals to set.

Balanced in life is key.

So you don’t want to focus on only on area and not neglect the others.

Some people are so focused on success and they do anything to achieve it.

Like spending long hours at work or on their business.

While neglecting their health, family, relationships and growth in other areas.


To stay balanced it is a good idea to spread your goals around.

Here are some types of goals and examples:

Business – profit, projects, sales.

Financial – Savings, education fund for your children, investing, retirement, home purchase, pay off debt.

Fitness – Ideal weight, reduce cholesterol, improve endurance, try new workouts.

Learning – read 10 minutes per day, listen to 1 podcast per day, take a course, gain knowledge in a specific area.

Family – spend more time with the family, plan family days, spend time with family member’s one on one.

Spiritual – volunteer at church, read spiritual books, attend church each week.

Lifestyle – vacations, hobbies, learn to play an instrument, luxuries you’d like to have.

Relationships – time with friends, make new friends, limit certain relationships.


Write down your goals and start creating a plan to for how you are going to reach them as well as milestones to reach on your way to the bigger goals.


Darren Letourneau

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