Everything is Simple and Easy, We just make it Complex

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When it comes to getting in shape everyone is looking for something that is simple and easy.

Have you ever hear anyone say they want the most complex diet or workout plan?

I don’t think so.

The problem is that there is so much information out there to follow that we don’t know what is real and what actually will work for us.

So this just makes our decision complex and when we try to do to many things at once it gets to be overwhelming too.

So we get in this endless loop that looks like this:

  • Find a program
  • Try it for a couple weeks
  • It isn’t what we expected because we didn’t like it or put the effort into it
  • Something else comes along and we hop on that bandwagon.

Sound like something you’ve done.

I’ve been there too.

60 days or 90 days is a long time to have to wait to see results.

So how do we get past this?

Why not make it simple and easy.

Follow simple steps:

  • Diet that tells you what to eat and shows you how much of it to eat.
  • Prep your week of food ahead of time so you save time during the week.
  • Follow along workouts that you can start off with an easier version and work your way up.

Make it Easier

  • Set smaller goals like only working out for 30 min/day or even just start with 10 min.
  • Start making small changes each day instead of changing everything at once.
  • Set smaller goals like just completing your workouts this week.
  • Start replacing unhealthy foods one at a time instead of all at once.

When you make your goals a little easier to achieve you’ll start to build confidence and notice that you’ll be able to set the bar higher each time.

You can do this. Start today with something that you’ve been meaning to change but haven’t gotten around to. Start with something easy.

For a total package that’s simple, easy to follow and only 21 days check it out here:


Darren Letourneau

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