Eat as much Candy as you can! FAST

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Happy Halloween!

It’s time to stock up on Candy!

I’m going trick or treating tonight with my kids.

I see some parents going out with their older kids just so they can haul around all the candy that they collect in a wagon.. Yes that’s a lot of candy.

Are these kids really eating all of this candy?

Is this like a year’s supply for them?

My kids… if they eat any… it’s only one piece a day and it probably only lasts a week until they forget about it and it mysteriously disappears 😉

Me: “Hunny I have no idea where it went”.

I was just thinking this morning about how someone would get off this addiction to candy and I just remembered something I heard/read from Tony Robbin.

It was about how he hates drinking beer and can’t even stand the smell of it. The reason for this is that when he was young he wanted to try beer like his dad. So his mother told him that if he wanted to drink like dad he would have to drink a whole six pack. Not even through the first one he threw up all over the kitchen table.

I’m sure some can relate to this. Drinking a little too much when you were younger, throwing it up and never touching that type of drink again…  Mine is Smirnoff ice.

I don’t ever want to touch that again.

I’m sure there are a lot of instances that people have overdone something… buffet, candy, alcohol, or even something healthy that they are so sick of it now.

I’m sure this would work for candy too but probably not a good idea.

Treat yourself to a few pieces and get it the heck out of the house.. or lock It up!

Have you ever had this experience before?

Start getting addicted to health and fitness a little at a time.. don’t overdo it and then hate it for life.

Remember to change it up every once in a while so it doesn’t get stale! Like some of the old candy people give out.

Need somewhere to start.. It’s the last day for P90 http://darrenletourneau.com/at-home-workout-programs/p90/p90-workout/

Darren Letourneau

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