Don’t Get Scammed at these Sites

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I constantly get emails from people that are missing part of their program.

They are looking for a good deal so decide to go to an auction site or online classifieds site to get a program.

It typically goes like this:

“I’m starting max 30 on Monday and would really like help with an eating plan. I actually got it off ____ and the nutrition booklet was missing so it’s my fault for not buying direct from you I suppose.”

So to save maybe $20-$30 they have to find an eating plan that works with the program.

So after finishing the 60 days they didn’t get the results they expected.

And it’s because 80% of the results come from nutrition.

20% from the workout.

So how much did they really save?

For a 60 day program.

That’s about an extra 33 to 50 cents per day of the program.

Cut that cost again because it’s yours to keep so you can do it as many times as you like.

Plus you get the support from others doing the program as well as me as your coach.

And these websites aren’t going to give you a 30 day money back guarantee if you don’t like the program.

And that’s the reason that so many people start these programs and don’t finish them.

They don’t:

  • have the complete program with nutrition guide.
  • have support from a coach and peers.
  • let their body recover with the nutrients it needs (Shakeology).

It all comes down to whether you are just looking for something to keep you busy or whether you want to get results from your hard work.

It’s up to you.

Contact me and we’ll see what the best option is for you.


Darren Letourneau

Team Beachbody Coach

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