Don’t get Caught in the DIP!

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No matter what your goal is this New Year there will be a dip.

Your new challenge is fun for the first few weeks.

Starting at the gym, meeting new people.

Challenging yourself with a new workout at home.

Starting a new healthy eating habits.

Then what happens?

It starts to get tougher to the point that you aren’t seeing results.

And you want to quit.

It happens to everyone.

When you can’t see the finish line it’s hard to continue.

You start to question yourself as to whether you can actually do it or have you taken on something that just isn’t possible.

You start to think about quitting, but your mind isn’t in the right place to make an informed decision.

You decide to quit.

The year goes by and it happens all over again next year.

So how do you fix this problem of the dip and wanting to quit?

You QUIT before you start!

Write down the circumstances that will have to happen for you to be able to quit and when. Stick with it until then.

Because when it’s tough you are going to want to talk yourself into quitting. You’ll make excuses for why you should quit.

Even if it’s not in your best interest.

So by writing down the circumstances first, your decision to quit will be a strategic decision… not an in the moment decision when you are in pain, frustrated or stuck.

Because an in the moment feeling will cause you to make the wrong decision.

So just push forward.


Get through that dip.

And make it out to the other side and reach your goal.

Find out more about this concept in Seth Godin’s “The Dip”.

Contact me if you are ready to get started this time and make it through the dip with our support, motivation and guidance.


Darren Letourneau

Beachbody Coach

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